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Open Your Business Safely

By Jan Wade


WS Shield In Use PROMO

As businesses reopen and work to stay open, they will need to meet these L&I requirements:

  • Educate employees about novel coronavirus (COVID-19), how to prevent transmission and the owner's COVID-19 policies.

  • Maintain 6-foot minimum social distancing at all times. If not feasible use other preventative measures like use of barriers, minimization of service providers or clients, enclosed areas and waiting rooms, and staggered breaks and work shift starts.

  • Provide personal protective equipment (PPE) like gloves, goggles, face shields and face masks for the activity to be performed.

  • Ensure frequent and adequate handwashing supplies.

  • Establish schedule that includes frequent cleaning and sanitizing on high-touch surface areas.

  • Screen employees for signs and symptoms of COVID-19. Make sure employees who seem or feel sick stay home.

Some businesses will find it exceedingly difficult to observe 6-foot minimum social distancing. For example, hair salons and barbershops to name two. However, there is the solution to that problem. The guidelines mention, “other preventative measures like… barriers".

You have seen barriers at food stores and other retail outlets. Usually we see framed Plexiglas. Those work okay. Especially at checkout lines. However, in speaking with business owners who installed them during the Swine Flu epidemic those partitions are troublesome. First, they create a cage like barrier between customers and staff. Second, they are difficult to remove and store once the trouble is past.

The solution is a barrier that stays in place but out of the way when it is no longer needed. A waiting for next time solution that is elegant, and does not give staff and customers that, “boxed in and boxed out” feeling. The solution has been conceived, researched, and developed at the genesis point of the current COVID-19 outbreak, Western Washington State.

It is called WorkSpaceSHIELD. The SHIELD was developed by a A&I Enterprises Inc. in Monroe, WA. We have been in the window blind and shade business for thirty years. What that means is, we know how to make a product that goes up and down and lasts and lasts. WorkSpaceSHIELD uses tried and true rolling window shade technology used in the construction of commercial window blinds.

How does it work? The 54-inch-wide rolled plastic film is stored in a ceiling hung cassette. A remote control unit activates a strong commercial grade motor to lower and raise the film upon demand. A state-of-the-art lithium battery is in place to power the motor and is recharged after 750 cycles. In many applications the battery will go a year before recharging.

Here are some pictures of our WorkSpaceSHIELD:

SHIELD at Office

SHIELD at Office

Jan Wade - National Account Manager for WorkSpace SHIELD™