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Can You Say – FREEDOM?

By Jan Wade


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Forgive me. I am passionate about workspace safety. I have given my heart to the topic of how to work in human clusters without harming one another*. I spent two decades in the health care industry advocating for patient safety and patient autonomy. We need to bring our lives back, find the new normal, don’t you agree? We can do it. We built the Space Shuttle. We went to the Moon and back. We will go back to work and stay safe. How? By using our brains and ingenuity.

We have been encouraged to, and I hope complied with, governmental direction to wear masks, gloves and to observe social distancing. It is for our own good. We use these tools when appropriate. Sometimes we have a choice, for example, should we wear a mask when driving alone or with a member of our family? On the other hand, at this time, we would likely wear one riding with a co-worker. The same reasoning informs our behavior at work. Right? We have freedom within boundaries.

We wear gloves when appropriate. We wear an N-95 when needed. We respect social distancing all the time. With that in mind, I have an idea. What if we could remove the mask along with social distancing and remain safe?

I am about to become very enthusiastic!

I found a way to stay safe at work without wearing a mask, at least at encounter points like counters or at your personal workspace. This way also allows you to safely be with another person inside the ‘six foot zone’.

WorkSpace SHIELD™ places a thin, durable, transparent, sheet of plastic between you and the other person. Not only that, it is retractable. That means it rolls up into a ceiling mounted canaster when you need it out of the way, for example, for the cleaners or when you are working alone. You can also lift it a few inches to pass papers or products to your customer.

WorkSpace SHIELD™ uses tried and true commercial retractable window shade technology. It operates using a durable motor powered by lithium batteries. You can use the provided remote control or your smart phone to activate it. You can also set a timer, to automatically raise and lower at specified times.

I told you I found this product, but this sounds like a sales pitch, right? Well, yes and yes. I went to work for DE-EL Enterprises Inc. on the 5th of May 2020 just a week after hearing about this product. When the company owner told me about WorkSpace SHIELD™, I let him know I wanted to come out of lock down to help him tell the world about it.

What do you think? Isn’t WorkSpace SHIELD™ a great idea? I agree.

Jan Wade - National Account Manager for WorkSpace SHIELD™